Meet the Crew

 CindyAs our on-site geologist she fits the bill with rocks in her head. If it ends in "ite", it's in Cindy's job description

 Dirk - The Tool Guy Oh yeah.. Dirk has the best toy (I mean tool) room in the state. Dredges, sluices, lapidary equipment - he's got them all. Let's talk tools (grunt, grunt). 

 Roxann - The Digger  She was born to dig and her name shows it.  Hiking and digging for treasure - her favorite hobbies.

 Donna - Donna-pedia  Always a wealth of information, Donna's our chemist turned rock lover. She's never met a rock she didn't like.


Nikeeta - The Rock Hound                1996 - March 8, 2012

Nikeeta was our mascot at the shop for many years and enjoyed greeting the customers.  Our dear girl just got old and we did not want her to suffer.  Thanks Nikeeta for being our favorite shop dog -YOU ROCK.  Rest in peace sweet girl.