Dredges and Power Sluices
Quality with service to match

                        Keene 4-inch dredge                 Keene 2-inch dredge
               triple stage sluice; KAC               backpacker; 65 pounds
           compressor;Honda 6.5hp engine          Honda 2.5hp engine
                         $ 3895                                      $ 1695



Keene Combo Unit                              Keene  Power Sluice
  Honda 2.5hp engine;                          Honda 2.5hp engine
  available in 2 or 2.5 inch suction          easily converted to suction dredge
$ 1640                                                  $1295

Let us help  you convert your sluice to a power sluice or a dredge
Call for details

2.5 inch Ultra Light Dredge


4 HP Beach Prospector Power Sluice

The Nome Beach Box.

Designed for ultra fine gold recovery and increased volume.
We've seen great results with this machine on our fine Arkansas River gold.
Smaller siblings available - great for concentrating and portability.

Plus PARTS, PARTS and more PARTS
many other dredge, power sluice and equipment configurations available
please come see us or call for details

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